[INFORMATION] For housing applications

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시설관리팀 (2023-03-13)
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1. Log in on Yonsei portal ( ) - Only available on PC or tablet PC

   For newly admitted
   ID : Admission No. (SAY23***** -SPR/FALL , N23**** or E23**** - YISS)
   Password : D.O.B (YYMMDD)

   For continuing students from the last semester 
   ID : Student ID No.
   Password : Yonsei Portal Password


2. Select ‘Academic Information System’ under YONSEI SERVICE 


3. Select 'Dormitory' under Academic Information , and select 'Dormitory Application' or 'Application for Admission(exchange)'.


4. Click  and select your housing term.

5. Fill out the request information for the application. Columns with red flags are mandatory. 



5-1. Under Additional Information session, ‘Guardian Address’ refers to the current address of your legal guardian. In order to input the address, select the search   button.

 5-1-1. If your legal guardian lives in South Korea, type the full Korean address, and select the corresponding option. Fill out the remaining detailed address manually.

 5-1-2. If the address does not appear under ‘SEARCH’ or your legal guardian lives abroad, select ‘Direct Input’. Here, you can manually type the address and postal code. Click Confirm once you are done filling.


5-2. In case you need a refund of your dorm fees in the future, it is advised to input your bank information. (Not mandatory)

 5-2-1. If you have a Korean bank account fill out your information in ‘Refund Information’. For ‘Bank’, select the  button and choose the Korean bank branch that you are using. 

         After that, input your legal name in ‘Account Owner,’ account number in ‘Bank Account Number,’ and select ‘Acct check’. Click Confirm once you are done filling it out. 

 5-2-2. If you do not have a Korean account, fill out your abroad account information under ‘Foreign Exchange Refund Information. 

5-3. In order to select the ‘Dormitory Fee Type’, select the  button and choose from one of the three options. 

   The SK Global House has both single and double room, and the International House, Woojunwon(우정원) has double room only.  1인실 means single room , 2인실 means double room 

   For ‘Distinguish Residence’, select the option for ‘SEOUL’.  





6. For ‘Joining Dormitory Questions’ select the checkbox according to the questions and reply.


7. Double check the information in the final stage ‘Check Application Details’. Select ‘Complete’ for submission of application. 

   A pop-up will appear asking for final submission. Make sure you select ‘OK’ to submit your application. 



8. If you see the cancellation button in the page at the end, your application has been successfully submitted. If you need to cancel your application, select ‘Cancel Application’.