[ 1. General ] The purpose of this document is to establish a mutual agreement between the each student and Yonsei University, with regard to live in the International dorms. Under this agreement, the student is entitled to the privacy of the assigned room, (except as stated in Conditions & Responsibilities - Item F), the use of public facilities of the International dorms, and the services rendered in order to pursue students’ educational goals. Students for the International dorms must be degree-seeking students registered for classes at Yonsei University for each semester. Any exceptions must be granted on an individual basis and based on documented academic circumstances. The University's acceptance does NOT guarantee assignment to a particular type of accommodation, specific request or final admission to the University. It does establish priority for residence assignment. Semester room rent covers occupancy from the date and time designated for official opening until the date and time designated for official closing of the International dorms which will follow the last scheduled examination for each semester. Room rent does not cover occupancy during any vacation period or between semesters.
[ 2. Conditions & Responsibilities ] Occupancy of rooms is only by students to whom the room is assigned. Rooms may not be sublet to another person. Room transfer may be made only after receiving written approval from the Housing Office. A guest may not be accommodated at any time. Students are responsible for taking care of rooms and equipment. International dorms provide no janitorial service in student rooms. Charges may be made for damages to, unauthorized use of, or alterations to rooms, equipment or buildings and for special cleaning necessary due to improper care of rooms or equipment. Students are jointly responsible for care of public areas and equipment. Public areas are defined as those areas available for use by all students living on a wing, a floor or within a house. Charges for damages to public areas and equipment may be made to all students assigned to separate wings, floors or within entire house as appropriate. Students are responsible for knowing and observing Housing regulations and procedures. The University reserves the right to make other rules and regulations as in its judgment may be necessary for the safety, care and cleanliness of the premises and for the preservation of order. The student agrees to abide by all additional rules and regulations that are adopted. International dorms are not liable for damage or loss of personal property, failure or interruption of utilities, or unforeseen accidents/injuries. The International dorms only provide liability for damages or injuries caused by negligence on the part of the University or its employees while working within the scope of their employment. Telephone service in the room is limited. Each room has one telephone connected to a central switchboard that only accommodates incoming calls. There are several pay phones for student use in the House complex. Authorized Housing personnel may enter student rooms for normal inspection and maintenance purposes. The student's personal property is not subject to search without express approval of the student except when a reasonable belief exists that the room is being used for a purpose which is illegal or which would otherwise seriously interfere with discipline and/or personal safety. Room assignments may at any time be changed, canceled or terminated by the University in the interests of order, health, discipline, maximum utilization of facilities, or disaster after notice to the assignee as is practical. Disregard for the rights, responsibilities and duties of others, as well as the creation of circumstances which could jeopardize life, limb or property, are conditions which are not acceptable in the House life and may be cause for termination of the House Contract. You may NOT possess within the House: firearms, fireworks or any materials that may be hazardous to the health or safety of other occupants of the building, motorcycles, waterbeds, weights, drums, amplified instruments, pets, open flame elements or refrigerators in addition to those already provided. Visitors of the same gender ONLY are permitted in the residents' rooms and their floors. Visitation hours are from 08:00am until 10:00pm. Guests are only permitted after signing in at the front desk. They must also sign out before departure. Residents are responsible for the behavior of their guests, and bear all consequences of the violation of the House's regulations. No mixed gender visitations in the residents' rooms are permitted under any circumstances and at any time. Students shall not pursue any business in their room or on the premises. At no time may a resident create any disturbances (i.e. loud noise, loud music, fighting, etc.), which will cause other residents inconveniences. Quiet hours are from 12:00am to 6:00am. During these hours residents should keep quiet in order not to disturb residents from studying and sleeping.

Cases, Violation, Penalty Point

Cases Violation Penalty Point
Breaking the Laws Any involvement in illegal deed : - Use, possession and/or distribution of illicit drugs - Theft - Outrageous and violent behavior - Gambling, etc. Termination of occupancy
Entry Trespassing Termination of occupancy
Entering the other gender’s room (both SK G-House and I-House) Entering the other gender’s and/or floor (SK G-House : allowed 8am to 10pm, prohibited in I-House)
Allowing non-residents to stay overnight in their room
Duplication and /or transferring of Room card key
Altering Room card key and manipulating passing records
Changing or swapping their room assignments without permission
Altering the door lock
Room card key sharing 30 each
Jumping over the gate (SKG-House)
Loss of Room card Key 10 each
Visitor Entering with non-residents without logging (Visiting available from 8am to 10pm, for 2 hours) 70~Terminationof occupancy
Drinking Drinking in school (including SK G-House and I-House) 50~Termination of occupancy
Keeping alcohol in the House
Inappropriate behavior after drinking
Risk of Fire Smoking 50~Termination of occupancy
Cooking except in the shared kitchen (SK G-House) and at the lounge (I-House)
Bring-in or use of inflammables
Bring-in explosives
Using prohibited electrical appliances
Facilities Damage to the House facilities Termination of occupancy
(re-admission forbidden)
Failure to clean the room for checking-out Re-admission forbidden
Uncleanliness 20 each
Decorating or painting room
Attaching or distributing notices or posters without permission
Trash Abandoning trash in front of the room and/or shared spaces (including public bathroom) 20 each
Not placing trash in the plastic bags or paper boxes
Throwing away trash out the window
Not separating recyclable materials 10 each
Other domestic regulations Other behavioral disorders in the House (e.g. attempting suicide or creating a disturbance, threatening of murder or blackmail, disobeying regulations) Termination of occupancy
(re-admission forbidden)
Selling of merchandise 50~Termination of occupancy
Raising pets
Spreading viruses, using other IP, viewing pornography in public places, etc
Singing loudly or making noise (inside or around the House, including on the grass)
Any other deed that bothers/ harms other people or atmosphere of the house
Spread personal information
Failure in payment by the designated deadline 30 each
Not following fixed dates and regulations/notices
Not hand-in the required document
[ 1. PAYMENT ] Once you confirm that your housing application is accepted at ‘MY Page’, please click the housing application number. Then, you’ll see the bank information. Please make a full payment of the housing fee to the account by the designated payment due (please refer the housing schedule). Please also consider that it will take 2-5 working days until we receive it if you make the wire from out of Korea. After we receive your payment, a confirmation note will be sent to your email address that was registered while you signed up for the housing website. You can also confirm your payment at ‘MY Page’ whether you have short/overpayment. Students can transfer the housing fee in US dollars or Euros or your currency considering exchange rate. Then, it'll be converted when it's received by a Korean bank with the exchange rate of date of the receipt. Students also consider bank charges of the remittance bank and the Beneficiary bank(Woori bank). If there is an intermediate bank for the transfer, there might be more banking charge incurred and will be deducted from your payment.
[ 2. SHORT PAYMENT ] If you have a short amount, you can pay after your check-in. However, you need to make a wire to the same account number by visiting one of Woori Bank branches (one in the campus or one near to the dormitory) with cash and the account number to complete your payment.
[ 3. OVERPAYMENT ] If you overpaid, please visit the Housing Office with your bank account book to fill out a form of ‘refund request.’ We recommend you to open a Korean bank account to get the refund back 100%. . If you do not want to open it, you can use your friend’s account but we need the copy of the bank account book. Banking charge to wire the refund to your home country account is usually USD30-50 that will be deducted from the refunded amount. If you still want the refund to your home country bank account, the form to fill in will be different. Refund takes about 3 weeks.
Refund policy
In case you need to cancel the housing, you can request for the refund and get refunded according to the refund policy as below.
[ A. Applicable to ] Exchange·Visiting and General Yonsei student, KLI regular program students Programs YISS / WAY
Programs YISS / WAY

Notice of Cancellation, Refund Fee

Notice of Cancellation Refund Fee
Till 48 hours prior to the official check-in starting time (Korean time) No cancellation fee
From the official check-in date to the base dates (Table #1) of the housing period 1) Cancellation fee: 20% of the housing fee,
2) Refund the amount for the remaining days
After the below dates of housing semester No refund
Refund Formula:
A: Housing fee of the semester
B: 20% deduction of the housing fee
C: Days of the semester
D: Days from the official check-in date to Move – out date
Refund Amount = (A - B) –(A/C*D)
Table #1

Exchange/Regular, YISS, WAY, KLI, Refundable, Non refundable

Table #1 Refundable Non refundable
Exchange/Regular Spring/Fall till 90th day from 91st day
Summer/Winter till 44th day From 45th day
YISS 4 weeks Summer till 7th day From 8th day
YISS 6 weeks Summer till 30th day From 31st day
WAY Ⅰ/Ⅰ+Ⅱ Winter till 7th day From 8th day
KLI All till 60th day From 61st day
[ B. Remarks ] How to cancel:
- Before the housing period, by email notice.
- During the housing period, by move-out request at [MY PAGE]
Any banking charges for the refund transfer to be deducted from the refund amount It takes 3 to 4 weeks
[ C. Termination ] In case resident is evicted due to violation of housing regulations
In case resident is evicted due to violation of housing regulations

Termination Point, Refund Fee

Termination Point Refund Fee
Termination till the base dates of the housing period 1) 90% of the refund amount Refund Amount = [(B-C) * D/A ] * 90%
2) Re-admission restricted
Termination after the base dates of the housing period 1) No refund
2) Re-admission restricted
For the special short-term program or camp, there will be no refund.
Check in & out
[ 1. Check in ] When ▶ On the check-in day (check the Housing schedule) ▶ Time : anytime after 10:00am
Where ▶ SK Global House residents - SK Global House front desk ▶ International house residents - International House front desk
Requirements ▶ Tuberculosis test report
Notice ▶ You cannot move in before the move-in day. ▶ Tuberculosis test: For the safety of all residents of the House, we require you to do tuberculosis test (by chest x-ray, skin test or blood test) and submit the result report when you check in. The test should be taken within 2 months prior to the check-in date. Your record of vaccination to tuberculosis is NOT acceptable. If you do not submit the acceptable report, you cannot check in. Please get it ready before check in which proves that you are negative to tuberculosis.
Telephone : 82 -2-2123-7481 or 82-2-2123-4616 Email:, or
Check-In Procedure 1) Check your name and room number on check-in date. 2) Photocopy your passport 3) Submit the passport copy and medical report (TB test report) to the front desk 4) Take your linen set 5) Complete Check-in sheet in your room and submit it with signed pledge to the front desk at the date of your check-in ASAP
[ 2. Check out ] When ▶ On the check-in day (check the Housing schedule) ▶ Time : From 9am to 11am ▶ Please inform us in advance if you check out in a different time
You would receive the room inspection individually.
How ▶ Room inspection by Housing staff with your check-out sheet is required before you leave the House. Check-Out Procedure 1) Clean up your room 2) Fold your linen set and return it to Laundry Room 3) Get a room inspection by Housing staff 4) Return the room card to the front desk