Prohibited Items

Heating Apparatus

Unusable Electric blanket, Electric (hot water) mat, Electric heater (fan heater) ※Prohibited to use other high-temperature generators

Learning and sound equipment

Available Computers, Printers, Stands, TVs, Audio, Electronic instruments ※When using sound equipment, headphones must be used

Cooking equipment

Unusable Ramen pot, Rice cooker, Electric frying pan, Gas burner, Hot plate, Microwave oven, Electric cooker, Pot, Frying pan ※ Do not bring in any other cooking tools!

Available Coffee Pot, Maker, Toaster


Unusable Ironing, Washing machine, Scented candle(sick candle) ※ Use the iron and washing machine in the designated location, and do not use the scented candle because it is likely to cause fire.m. fire.

Available Refrigerator, fan, vacuum cleaner, hair dryer, curler, charger, humidifier, multi-tap (within 3 amps), electronic shaver ※ The refrigerator owner is responsible for the items in the refrigerator, and the vacuum cleaner cannot be used late at night or early in the morning. ※ Only power on/off mounts can be used for hair dryer and curling iron, Unable to Use Heated Humidifier. ※ Multi-tap use of octopus feet is prohibited